9 tips for you to consider
  1. Your should send all emails and all correspondence to a coach. Coaches like to hear from you not your parents.
  2. Make sure you do research and homework on the schools you contact. Coaches know immediately if you are not prepared.
  3. Keep up your grades. It matters.
  4. Coaches will watch your behavior on course. A positive attitude is imperative. They do not want to babysit when you get to college.
  5. Your bad holes in front of coaches give them a better idea of your character and bounce back ability than your good holes.
  6. Dress the part and look professional. A college scholarship is a job not a hobby.
  7. Parents-coaches recruit you too. Your behavior and support of your child is of utmost importance to a coach.
  8. Determination and hard work outweigh talent in most coaches mind.
  9. Fitness matters-have healthy eating habits and work on your fitness.

Sportsmanship and a Good Attitude are key!