Suzy Series Events

Our new Suzy Series will get everyone on the course and playing!                       

The Suzy Series is for newer golfers and those golfers new to tournament play.  All players play their own ball all the way through the round.  A score is kept on every hole (subject to the maximum allowed) and a scorecard is turned in for every player at the end of the round.

All players play from 100 yards in their first tournament for 9 holes. 10 shots is the maximum score on any hole. The Suzy Series highlights any child that scores 45 or less for 9 holes with a ribbon. Trophies are given only in the SWG Tour Series events.

Once a player shoots 45 or less from 100 yards for 9 holes they move back to 150 yards.  Once they shoot 45 or less from 150 yards, they move back to 200 yards and when they shoot 39 or less from 200 yards they are ready to play in the SWG Tour Series.  This is the perfect, stress-free way to introduce your child to on-course play.

All players are welcome in the Suzy Series.  Players enrolled in the SWG Junior Coaching Programs will use the Suzy Series as the way to move up a level in the Junior Coaching Programs. All players are allowed a caddie and those 12 and under are required to have a caddie. Carts are encouraged for caddies (over age 18 with a valid license) and players due to the longer distance from green to tee. Come join us for an afternoon of fun and friends on the golf course and stay for dinner at Tunxis Plantation.

"Our Suzy Series Events are a great way to introduce on course play to newer players.  Starting at 100 yards will give every player the chance to feel success their first time!"  
Suzy Whaley

Click Here for 2017 Junior Master Calendars showing dates of all tour events and all SWG Junior Programs

Click Here for Printable PDF of Suzy Series Yardages and Rules

Suzy Series Dates
All Tour Events are held at Tunxis Plantation Country Club, 87 Town Farm Road, Farmington, CT

2017 Dates:

Afternoon Tee Times by Division

Cost:  $35
Membership Fee for 2017: $50 (Includes SWG 2017 Tee Gift and carries over to the SWG Tour Series once your player graduates)
Includes Green Fees, One Bucket of Range Balls

Click Here for Registration Form  (If you have previously registered for a Suzy Whaley Golf Program during 2017, you only need to complete the tournament dates information. Thank you

Please fill out the Registration Form and Email to Suzy Whaley Golf